Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reading fever....

I am into reading phase (or to be precise reading fever)  these days....just reading anything.... some books that i read before and now after rereading finding them more interesting....or something totally new and random and falling in love with just reading and reading and discovering myself and this world....

Some books i read in last month.

Surangama by shivani
Kore kaagaz by amrita preetam
Joothan by omprakaash valmiki
Raseedi ticket by amrita preetam

Shiva trilogy by amish
Hunger games trilogy by Suzanne collins
Fault in our stars by john green
the one you cannot have by peeti Shenoy
My sister's keeper by jodi picoult
Jaya and sita by devdutt patnaik

Reality at dawn by Ram Chandra.

And many more to read

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