Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't lose your mind lose your weight!

Yes! Guessed right. Its Rujuta Diwekar's book. I didn't know anything about her (that she is kareena kapoor's nutritionist as I don't have any interest in film stars life) until one of my friend gave this book to me to read. And  after starting it I couldn't stop until I finished and now I am writing about it. Usually I read only fiction or literature but this book is really something.

I had given up all hopes of losing weight as I have PCOS. I accepted this truth that I wont be able to become thin again. I was eating healthy and less in quantity and I was happy that at least  am not gaining weight. I didn't know what wrong I was doing until today. Now after reading this book it seems so simple. I have started following her principles as already my lifestyle is healthy. I know I will be healthy and am feeling happy about it and if I lose some weight on the run it will be a bonus.

This book is a must read for all who want to lead a healthy life and don't know what to eat and when to eat.

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