Sunday, December 27, 2015

Books I read in December

Chennaites went through a very different and difficult phase this December. Rains and floods that broke all the records of last century has effected everybody's life in some or the other way. We had to go to Bangalore and we didn't have anything to do there so I tried to use this time in reading. Here are the books I read this month:

Many lives many masters by Brian L. Weiss

Chinese cinderella by Adeline yen mah

Falling leaves by Adeline yen mah

Time traveler's wife by audrey niffenegger

Her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger

The magic of the lost temple by sudha murty

बेबाक   -   कंचन पंत

तीन रोज़ इश्क   -    पूजा उपाध्याय

धूप के आईने में    -    किशोर चौधरी

पुखराज     -    गुलज़ार

मनीषा कुलश्रेष्ठ की कहानियां हिंदी नेस्ट पर

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Meditation for world peace

Everybody is talking about terrorism today - it might be attacks in
Paris or in Afghanistan, or bomb blasts in our own country. We all
are talking about it. Kids are also so scared of listening to these
stories and their little minds are not able to understand any of it.
Even we are not able to understand the mentality behind it. We are
living in the world of negativity, and we are not able to do anything
about it. We feel so helpless and justify to our selves that its not our fault and we are not part of it. But are we not part of it? If we are part of this
whole universe are we not part of this negativity too? Isn't it our
responsibility to do something about it? Yes, just talking and feeling
sad is not enough - we can do something about it. But you must be wondering whatcan we do as an individual? Do you know the power of prayer? The power
of meditation? The power of positive thoughts? I have heard a story
about a certain tribe in India, where if they have to remove a tree they
don't cut it, they just gather around it every day and curse that
tree, and in a few days of time that tree falls off by itself. Such is the
power of thoughts.

I feel we all can do our part by having positive thoughts, doing
any kind of meditation, doing prayer for the humanity. This feels very
small thing to do, but doing something is better than doing nothing. I am
following the system of Sahaj Marg Meditation for the last 16 years,
and the feeling is beyond explanation. This can be only experienced.
Now our present guide Shri Kamlesh D Patel has started this heartulness
movement, where everybody can experience the depths of meditation.
From today until the 25th of December, please meditate
with hundreds of thousands of us all over the world, daily, preferably at 6:30am or any other time during the day, from home or office, using the following simple steps:* Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Let your whole body be relaxed.
* Gently focus on your heart.
* Start with the suggestion that source of divine light is in your heart.
* Pray that transmission is being received and is pulling your
attention inward towards the heart.
* Meditate for 20 - 30 minutes.

If you want to learn more about this meditation please let me know or

Reading fever....

I am into reading phase (or to be precise reading fever)  these days....just reading anything.... some books that i read before and now after rereading finding them more interesting....or something totally new and random and falling in love with just reading and reading and discovering myself and this world....

Some books i read in last month.

Surangama by shivani
Kore kaagaz by amrita preetam
Joothan by omprakaash valmiki
Raseedi ticket by amrita preetam

Shiva trilogy by amish
Hunger games trilogy by Suzanne collins
Fault in our stars by john green
the one you cannot have by peeti Shenoy
My sister's keeper by jodi picoult
Jaya and sita by devdutt patnaik

Reality at dawn by Ram Chandra.

And many more to read